Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cooliris 1.11.5 for Firefox Windows

The Cooliris 3D Wall is a feature add-ons from Firefox browser, where the display wall in the firefox browser will become like 3-dimensional appearance of the apple output machintos browser "safari". With this feature, we will be facilitated to find the pictures and pages web once we open it (history) in just seconds without hatus click from page to page one by one.

3D Wall that accelerate searches on Google Images, YouTube, Flickr, and much more. Enjoy the richest way to see the photos from Facebook, Picasa, and even your own computer. 3D Wall on our unlimited, you can easily scroll though thousands of photos and videos in seconds without having to click from page to page. The channel features even allow you to surf the latest news, TV episodes, and much more

Application:Cooliris 1.11.5
The Cooliris Team
Add-ons Firefox


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