Friday, January 28, 2011

Ninja Saga | Tips to Get Free Skill

This time I will discuss about the game Ninja Saga. In the fight against high level enemies that we certainly also need great skill or strength. Great moves that will certainly be more expensive. That is why here I will review on How to Get Free Skill in the game Ninja Saga.

1. Login your Facebook and play Game Ninja Saga.
2. Make sure you have many friends who are level above you and have an element the same stance with you.
3. Click an existing profile your friends by clicking the button under the "Visit".
4. Select "Learn Skill" and then select the element you want to learn tricks. for example: Earth Rock Boulder.

5. After that, click on "Learn" in the bottom corner then Progress will run.
6. You can get out of there and play as usual, but do not forget every 4 hours, you must return to profile your friends earlier and click "Learn" which is in Progress.
7. Perform steps 6 to Progress finished and you can enjoy that moment for free.


Latest News said...

Thx for tutor sir,... this is my favor games :)

Bie said...

your welcome :)

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