Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mobiquus : Getting Email without using BIS or BES

Without any access to BIS or BES new owners are stuck with checking their email using the Blackberry Browser. Here a simple Blackberry Software that will allow you to get emails without using your browser.

Mobiquus is a software that works similar to the Gmail App but can be installed without using a data plan. Its not true push email which comes out in your Blackberry's inbox but an applications that works by getting your email the moment it arrives in the server. There are two options for Mobiquus to get your email Push and Polling. Using the polling feature you can set Mobiquus to get your email depending on how many minutes you allow it.

Using Mobiquus with an unlocked Blackberry I was able to get my mails with very minimal delay. I did change they setting to polling to conserve battery but using the Push mail function was very nice.

Register Mobiquus for the Blackberry here


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