Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Install Non-Market Apps on Your Android Phone

The regular procedure of Android app installation is searching on Android market, tapping "Buy" or "Install". It's easy. But what if the app you like isn’t in the Market? Fortunately, Android phone allow user to install app that isn't in the official market. So user can install non-market app. User can use desktop app for installing app to Android device using Android Injector. If you think it's too complicated, actually you can install .apk file directly to your device.

How to install non-android market apps? Set your device to allow unknown source app installation. Go to Setting and tap on Unknown sources. It will allow you to install non market app.

If you have a web page that links to the .apk you can tap the link to download and install it. Remember,do this with your own risk. Sometimes, you need to restart your device for complete installation.


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