Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paypal Android App, Send Money Mobile

Paypal become most popular payment service. Almost online store such as Ebay use Paypal as payment system. I also use paypal for online shopping including buy hosting, domain, and another website development needs. I have installed Paypal application on my device, both Blackberry and Android. It really ease me to send or receive money.

Paypal mobile application features similar with web version. User can send, recive,check balance, withdraw money. It contacts list ease user to pick the receiver Paypal address.

Because of security reason, I suggest you to download it directly from Android Market. Every payment is confirmed by a PIN or password, so there’s no need to worry if you lose your phone.

How to Download PayPal Android Application
1. Search Android Market
2. Open Android Market on Your phone
3. Go to "Search"
4. Type "PayPal" in the search field and hit "Search"
5. Once you find the "PayPal" app, choose "Install" and follow the instructions


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