Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to modify WidgetLocker on Android (Alternative via PC)

WidgetLocker existing default on the gadgets we have, over time will definitely make us dull. otherwise it probably will not maching with the widgets of our other modifications that we have. Therefore it does not hurt us to modify our widgetlocker android gadgets.

WidgetLocker surrogate key is a screen that puts you in control of taste, appearance and layout of your lock screen. With WidgetLocker you can Drag and Drop placement of Sliders, Android App Widgets and Shortcuts. Sliders look selectable from the built-in styles (Android, Sense, Motorola 2.2, iPhone, and Android 2.0 Rotary) or from user-themes.

I will describe how to modify an existing widgetlocker through desktor installation. way is:

1. Install SDK (download here) and put on C: \

2. Open the file .exe and download all-platform tools. File is quite large, take a few minute.

3. Extracts APK Manager to folder platform-tools.

4. Put WidgetLocker .apk File here into the place folder-apk-here-for-modding.

5. Open Script .bat and select option 22

6. Then select option 19 (set compression level to 0).

7. Select option 1 (all widgetlocker installer files will be extracted into the folder "Projects" by APK Manager).

8. Choose one picture modding WidgetLocker (download here), then replace (copy or paste) the files extracted earlier.

9. Back to Script.bat and select option 3 then select option 2.

10. Select option 4. (Apk results that have been modified in the folder "place-apk-here-for-modding" with name signedcom.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker-1.apk).

11. Then rename signedcom.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker-1.apk be com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker-1.apk (eliminate the word signed).

12. Save the file to the SD Card, and then install.

13. Finish :)

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